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First Solar, America’s Solar Company

We make the most of every day, building innovative solar solutions to meet our nation’s ever-growing need for more secure, affordable and renewable energy. We’re leading the world’s sustainable energy future, seeing opportunity with every megawatt of clean energy produced. Explore how First Solar is supporting innovative solar solutions for affordable, renewable energy.

American Solar: Fueling American Prosperity

The American solar industry reaches beyond panels. See how it goes to work each day, enabling America’s sustainable energy future.

Electricity: The Lifeblood of Modern Society

Available at a flick of a switch, electricity enables every aspect of our lives. Learn how renewable electricity is energizing the nation.

First Solar: The Standard Bearer of American Solar Innovation

From production in Ohio to installation across the globe, First Solar modules have brought American innovation to the forefront of renewable energy.

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First Solar by the Numbers

First Solar is the only American company among the top 10 solar manufacturers globally

gigawatts of First Solar modules shipped around the world over the past 20 years

countries using First Solar modules in their renewable energy efforts

$1 billion+
dollars spent in research and development since 2010

$1 billion+
spent on an American supply chain every year

in scholarships funded by First Solar

capacity of First Solar’s manufacturing footprint in Ohio, the largest in the Western Hemisphere

years a First Solar module is productive

world record of cell efficiency held by First Solar

of First Solar modules’ materials that are recycled or repurposed

“First Solar has committed itself to delivering a high-quality American solar product to a global marketplace. At every step of our journey towards leading the world’s sustainable energy future, we’re committed to making the most of each day, so that you can make the most of yours.”
- Mark Widmar
CEO, First Solar

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